Myrica cerifera

Liquid extract of dried root bark (no adhering wood).

Actions: Stimulating, warming astringent.

Uses: Atonic, sluggish mucous membranes and excessive mucous discharge; atonic leucorrhea; chronic catarrh of sinuses, stomach and intestines, and the urinary tract; stomach and intestinal ulcers; gargle or rinse for sore throat, mouth sores and bleeding, spongy gums.

Cautions: Avoid or moderate use in acute inflammatory conditions and fever.

Bayberry contains Vitamin C. Bayberry is a blood tonic. Bayberry will help to rejuvenate the adrenal gland, and help to clear the sinus on both sides of the nose. Bayberry will aid digestion and circulation. Bayberry can ward off cold-like symptoms if taken at the first sign of the symptoms.

Bayberry when combined with Ginger has successfully combatted Cholera. A douch made with Bayberry tea can be used to treat excessive menstrual bleeding, vaginal infections, and prolapsed uterus. Bayberry tea gargle can soothe a sore and infected throat. A bayberry tea mouthwash can arrest bleeding gums.


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